Kuusjärvi Family Society Introduction

Does the name Kuusjärvi mean a spurce or a lake, or does it mean the sixth lake from the sea? This will remain a mystery. Kuusjärvi as a surename dates back to the beginning of 1600 and the family has grown rather large.

The family history starts from Paavo son of Olli Kuusjärvi, born in 1625 in Perho, Finland. He married Reeta daughter of Tapani and they had nine children. Paavo was the first owner of the Välitalo farm estate in Perho, Finland. There has been a continuous series of Kuusjärvi farm owners since 1625.

In the summer of 2002 some of the Kuusjärvi family members got together in Perho, Finland and their aim was to form a family society. The purpose of this society is to research family history and traditions.

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